Paris Through a Window by Marc Chagall, 1913, by way of A.M.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not the plan

Well, friends, things went a little kaput – I got really really sick last night and have had to spend the day in bed! That's not supposed to happen in Paris – but it did. And this was the day I was supposed to go to Belgium and visit my dear friends. If it weren't for the train crash I would have had to make a difficult choice: stay home and be unwell, or struggle through. It would have been very hard. 

I am sure that by tomorrow morning I will have my energy back. I have stayed in our little pied-a-terre while Fred has been making interesting forays – he found a great pharmacy that sold him some very sophisticated medicines for me, then he went out for a long exploration of the neighborhood – the day is glorious he says. Not a cloud in the sky. He came back with a wonderful sandwich for himself from our local patisserie – while I do not want anything yet. Just cold coke and a couple of bites of banana. Now he is off again. And I think I'll write here again before the day is done. 


  1. Oh goodness! Feel better Marta! xoxo

  2. What a shame to be ill on your holiday. Anyway at least you can still enjoy Paris from your sick bed. I'm impressed that the weather has been so good for Fred's adventures because it's just crap here in London, it's been raining and cold all day.

    I heard about the train crash in Belgium yesterday and I guessed that you wouldn't be making it there today. In addition to the crash there was a train strike there too.

    Heather x

  3. Oh no!!

    Hope you are all well by the next day or whatever day it is there at the moment.

    So very tragic about the train wreck. :-(

    I'm glad you have a lovely grotto in which to rest and get well...and such a saint as Fred by your side.

    Paree will be awaiting your emergence!

    To health & adventure,
    ~carol (((with hugs of course)))

  4. Thank you for all your good wishes! It's Wednesday morning and I am feeling completely recovered and ready to go out for a Parisian coffee and further explorations!~