Paris Through a Window by Marc Chagall, 1913, by way of A.M.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I leave for Paris in 3 days and today is a snow day in Woodstock, NY. I have never been to Paris though I’ve lived in Europe and traveled quite a bit. I have a book called “Literary Paris” that tells you where all (well, not all unfortunately) the great writers lived. And another called “Impressionists in Paris” which does the same for painters.

We will be staying in a little studio we found on Craigslist, cheaper than the local Holiday Inn in Kingston, and in one of the oldest parts of the city, Le Marais. I have seen photos of the building where we will be living – a tall wooden door, practically a cobbled street outside. Another world.

It is all a little dreamlike. Preparing. I feel so lucky to have a day at home today because of this soft silent snow.

I bought my first laptop a few months ago. I have used it some, but not a whole lot. And I plan now to take it with me on my journey to Paris because I want so much to stay in touch with the people I know and love back home – sharing this adventure with them. Plus I love to tap-tap-tap, such a pleasing sound. I wonder how long they worked on the sound of the Mac keyboard.

Though I may get there and just ditch the iBook and simply walk the streets and drink it in.


  1. Enjoy! It's a wonderful city. You'll possibly feel much like I did, stepping into hundreds of years of history... really, its a spiritual feeling walking those streets, past those wonderful stone buildings. It gives you a a real sense of the remarkable journey of humankind.
    Shakespeare comes to mind... "What a piece of work is man..."
    I hope you have a wonderful time.
    I've bookmarked your blog to follow (and salivate while I read :):)

  2. Hello dear Anonymous, thank you for leaving the first comment on this blog -- I love what you say about Paris -- I'm not there yet, about another 36 hours. I will think of you, whoever you are, as I walk those streets...

  3. Hi guys. The painting Fred is thinking of I know, but that isn't the one I meant. I meant one called "The Wood Floor Planers". You see these three strapping young fellas with their shirts off planing... well... a wooden floor. In a big Parisian flat. The quality of light is absolutely amazing in that painting and can only really be appreciated "in person" so I hope you run into it if you go to Le Musee d'Orsay. And if you like it you can remember it forever by purchasing one of those little refrigerator magnet reproductions they sell in the gift shop ha-ha. Awwww fuhgettabouttit, just enjoy....

  4. Just 2 seconds before we saw your note, Fred opened up the book on Impressionists in paris & said, "Oh, the painting I thought Joe was talking about is in the Chicago Institute..." We shall look for the planers!...

  5. Hi Marta & Fred,
    Your writing is wonderful and makes me feel like I am there with you.
    I feel compelled to respond because I can't stand the thought of you having to have sex with a bra on as you so apply described a blog without comments. The thought of having to do that must drive Fred crazy.
    Anyway, back on the subject, your writing is inspiring and makes me want to travel. I look forward to your return to Woodstock.
    Please keep us informed of all you adventures.

  6. Dear Norm, thank you for checking in -- you obviously get the things about comments! Good! Was fun to run into you just before we left! see soon, but not too soon! m