Paris Through a Window by Marc Chagall, 1913, by way of A.M.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Saturday morning, Fred checks his email before we leave for Van Gogh's town...

The guidebook has given us two ways to get to Aubers -- we choose the public transport one...trains and gets very complicated...we make our way out of Paris into another part of France.

Waiting for a bus, we stop for coffee, and enjoy the company of a muzzled dog who accompanies his human at the bar.

We find the building where Van Gogh spent his last two months. 

The building where he lived (upstairs) and ate. It is still a functioning restaurant, though only in summer!

The village was a favorite of painters. Daubigny, one of Fred's all-time favorites, had a studio here. Fred stands on Rue Daubigny.

The village is beautiful. We walk through cobbled streets. It is about 5 in the afternoon...

Fred stands outside Daubigny's studio, closed in winter!

Village views

I loved this beautiful blue/gray gate, worn wood...

Far away from Paris...

Waiting for the train that will take us back to the city...

From the train station...

Arriving back at our Metro station...

We spend a couple of hours back home, and then decide to hit the town again -- leaving our pad some time after 10 o'clock.

Inside our Metro stop "Arts & Metiers" (Arts and Crafts) -- it is the most beautiful of the metro stops we have seen -- designed like the hull of a ship, copper...

We arrive at the Metro stop, Port Royal in Montparnasse

And after a nighttime stroll past bright bustling cafes, I am drawn to this one, so pretty: red velvet, bright sparkling brass and beautiful lamps, prints of Modligliani on the walls....

We sit for some time, then look at our watches. It's 1 a.m.
Good night!


  1. Magical!!!

    It's hard to pic a favorite photo.


  2. So great always hearing from you, Carol! Much love from us both!!

  3. Hi Dear Marta and Fred!

    This is my first visit; shame on me for being so late in the game. I love this vicarious trip for me to Paris!!!! Oh, thanks for taking the time to keep in touch. I have lots of catch up reading on your blog, but shall do it! What I've read so far is fetching!

    Miss and love you both. Thanks for providing me the creative outlet I so deeply need.

    Writing is my spiritual path; and you make it possible for me to do it; you make it exciting. I would not be able to take this ride with anyone else but you two. I mean it. That's how important you are!

    Jim bought me a lovely gift. My birthday approaches and he will be out of town. So he gave me the gift last night. An Ipod Itouch! This way I can get on line wherever there is wifi, which means that during the week, I can go to Bryant Park to check in, since we're not allowed to do personal e-mail at work. When I get an hour for lunch, this will work wonderfully. I'll be able to write on it too -- though not as easily as on a regular computer, which I do have here at home. He even had a personal message engraved on the back of it. So sweet.

    Love and safe journey to you both,

  4. DeAnn! Great to hear from you, and Jim hit the nail on the head! I love the image of you in Bryant Park! Yay! A new world will open! with love from Paris to you, m

  5. Hi Marta,
    Love the photos, Fred looks like he lives there.

    did you check your email? I sent my friend's contact information, hope you can met up with her while you are there.